Sold - Our Mods

We order the MorRyde trays from Amazon on a Sunday and they were delivered on Wednesday freight.  This is the 26 wide by 90 long and with a max weight of 800 lbs.  They will extend  out of both sides up to 52 inches with zero sagging.   

We used 1X4 to raise up the tray so the cross members under the sliding portion of the tray would clear the lip of the basement.  We drilled 4 holes though the floor between the outside of the 5er and the frame.  We used 4 carriage bolts with 5/16 shaft and 1 1/2 inch long and used 2 1/2 washer with fiber lock nuts on the bottom.  Since the bolts, washer, and nuts are exposed to the elements I used some Flex Seal to prevent rust.

Took about hour to install, it took more theim chasing down the hardware i needed.  

Can Rack purchased from Amazon to hold those spray bottles that I’m digging though box to find. 


My battery box lids were held in place by 6 screws in each box so couple of these made easer to get the lids off and check water levels. 

20161229 141056

Class III hitch installed with safety chains loops and light hook ups

Fantastic Fan in the bathroom replaceing the OEM small one.

Replace the thin OEM mattress with a real nice one but it is little thicker than the OEM one so we might have to remove the shevles.  Just a little wider than the OEM but the same length.

Getting a little older and after back surgery I can’t walk some of these larger parks so we got two EVRiders Stand & Ride scooters.  They are battery operated and will travel about 20 miles per charge and 15 miles per hour.  The break down into three pieces - base - tiller - battery and all weight about 30 lbs each.


Recycled tires made into jack pads for our 6 poing levelup system. 

Installed Two Fantastic Vent Covers.  We order this with two AC for those hot midwest days and come with a King antenna.  

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