Sold - Solitude Weights

Specs of a 310GK-R weighted at a CAT scale on 30 Oct 2016

Status from Grand Design Website.

UVW 12,100

Dry Pin Weight 2350

From Grand Design Weight Sheet that came with my 5er and has my VIN listed on the top of the sheet. 

GVWR 15,000

GAWR (Per Axle) 7,000

UVW 12226 (Matches Sticker on 5er)

Hitch Weight 2392

Left (Street Side) 5326

Right (Curb Side) 4508

Cargo Carrying Capacity 2714

Truck Specs

Ford F350 Diesel SuperCab 143” Wheel Base 6.5 foot bed.

B&W Campion Hitch non slider

Web Spec 4080 Payload

Yellow Door Sticker 3744

GVWR 11,500

Rear Axle Ratings 7,000

Front Axle Ratings 5,200

GCWR 22,500

Tow Rating 15,900

Truck ONLY Weight Cat Scales

Front Axle Weight - 4740

Rear Axle Weight - 3480

Total Weight 8220

Cat Scale With 5er Hooked up

Steering Axle - 5000lbs

Drive Axle 6320

Trailer Axle 10,520

Gross Combine Weight 21,840

Bottom Line

Truck Weight (Truck Only) 8220

Truck Weight (Hitched) 11,320

Camper Weight 13,620

Pin Weight 3,100

Pin Weight Percentage 22.8%

2392 Factory Pin Weight 3100 scale weight increase of 708 pounds

12,226 Factory UVW 13,600 Cat Scale Weight increase of 1374 lbs

Over 50% of the 1374 pounds loaded went to pin weight

Just goes to show how much weight is loaded forward of the axle

Factory Scale weighs of 2392 pin and 12,226 UVW = 19.6 percent pin weight

Cat Scale Weights 13600 GVW and 3100 pin = 22.8 percent pin percentage or increase of 3.2 Percent over Dry percentage 

I’m within 180 pounds of my GVWR of my trucks 11,500 GVWR. We were loaded for a week long trip and we are not full timers. 

It sets about 1 high in the front but only has 5 inches of clearance between the 5er and the trucks bed rails. 


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